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liver ct image segmentation

ct image segmentation and liver volume extraction in matlab deformable filtering and computer aided diagnosis...

The sparse coding of image restoration

ICCV meeting, articles on sparse coding for image restoration, PDF format, downloads of the source code is also given in the article URL....

Gbest-guided artificial bee colony algorithm for numerical function optimization

Artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm invented recently by Karaboga is a biological-inspired optimization algorithm, which has been shown to be competitive with some conventional biological-inspired algorithms, such as genetic algorithm (GA), differential evolution (DE) and particle s...

OpenCV manual and examples

size:14px;">My file, contains the OpenCV's version and the version of the specification, as well as some common examples, there is very good value, while providing OpenCV in the some common lookup functions, plus there are walkthroughs of code, demonstrating to quick start has a high value. So is wo...

Remote Sensing Image Algorithm

SPACE: nowrap">本文主要介绍了常用的遥感图像算法,然后从数学角度分析融合图像产生光谱失真的原因,并探讨融合图像在空间分辨率增强与光谱信息保持二者之间的关系,最后针对多光谱图像的成像特性...

The back projection algorithm used for medical image reconstruction

The back projection algorithm  used for medical image reconstruction . one among the best technique in thee medical image reconstruction field this is most important and widely used algorithm...

Similar with Windows Picture viewer never scaled

Similar with Windows Picture viewer never scaled Links to computer hard drive, you can select the picture inside the computer browse...


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