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Linux_Kernel core manual (kernel diagram)

family:'Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">详细描述了linux内核的内部原理,并配有大量的图形方便理解。-A detailed description of the internal linux kernel principle, there are a lot of graphics to help un...

windows XP操作系统全面、简化,学用方便,几学时解决问题

windows XP operating system, a comprehensive, simplified, learning to use convenient, a few hours to solve the problem...

操作系统课程设计报告,文件系统管理过程 模拟文件系统工作过程,实现文件的存储和删除...

Report operating system curriculum design, file system management process simulation process file system, file storage, and delete...

TCPIP Stack in ucos embedded operating systems design and implementation

TCPIP Stack in ucos embedded operating systems design and implementation...


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