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Telephone dial-up Internet access source code

space:nowrap;">Telephone dial-up Internet access source code, more suitable studies to the beginner. 2002/05/21 08:59 35,736 Dialup.aps 2002/05/21 09:21 1,338 Dialup.clw 2002/05/20 09:29 2,063 Dialup.cpp 2002/05/20 09:30 4,241 Dialup.dsp 2002/05/20 09:29 537 Dialup.dsw 2002/05/20 09:29 1...

kickdad phone game-cocos2dx

A cell phone version of the test source code, is still in the development stages, game engine with COCOS2DX, the c++ code....

Internet Reversi

The black and white chess and Reversi also known as Reversi or Othello, whose game is to flip each other's pieces, the last chess piece on the chessboard over who is to judge the outcome. Although rules simple, but changes complex, is typical of easy learn difficult fine, endless wonders, not letter...

Sending SMS using single-chip microcomputer

Using single-chip microcomputer to send SMS. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support....

Answering machine(TAPI 2.1)

size:16px;">这些 API 集有很多的版本 (在写这篇文章的时候,c + +: 1.3、 1.4、 2.0、 2.1、 2.2、 3.0、 3.1) 但一直朝着从 2.2 到 3.0 版的主要变化: 前 ver 3.x 他们是 C 基于 API\ 的工作与一组输入或输出的数据结构。与版 3.x (在 Window...


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