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Vehicle Detection

space:nowrap;">aarcascades algorithm...

Image edges serrate

Removing image edges serrateImage contour sampling points using curve fitting to form new contoursPast the edge pixels are added or removed to remove jagged...

dicom viewe

size:16px;">你知道怎么折腾它可以无休止地等待病人CD打开?请问您的浏览器需要额外的组件安装的图像实际上可以看作呢?试试辐射DICOM浏览器CD/ DVD t是非常快的,从运行CD / DVD介质,无需安装在Windows XP,Vista中,Windows7和Windows8...

Homary, Mohamed, Dooby, Marines, Faculty of, best of the best, man of year, bingo, Alarm

top:0.4em;margin-bottom:0.5em;line-height:19.1875px;color:#252525;font-family:sans-serif;font-size:13px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> 飞行管理系统(FMS) 是航空的一种现代客机航空电子设备的基本组成部分。柔性制造系统是自动化了各式各样的飞...

Image matching

Image matching, OpenCV implementation for easy beginners to master the application matches the OpenCV library. By familiar code matches the basic learning OpenCV applications. Better have some c programming language basis. OpenCV length simplifies C++ code for image processing, but does not directly...

OpenCV with a simple snake game

opencv ile hazırlamıs oldugum basıt bır yılan oyunu.Opencv goruntu işlemenin disina cıkart1mıs olmak ve onunla oyun yazmak farklı bır heyecan...Bu işe baslamıs arkadaslara umarım faydalı olur......

finding objects its good

it's so cool man   edge dectection is very cool i think that it's very important thing in the world it's so cool man   edge dectection is very cool i think that it's very important thing in the world it's so cool man   edge dectection is...

tracking people in sequence video

size:16px;">该代码是关于跟踪序列图像 processiong$ 视频处理中的人们kamlan 过滤 2Dobject 检测和所有其他方法...

The conversion of CIF into QCIF

size:16px;">VC编程实现CIF格式的视频转换成QCIF格式的视频, CIF格式:352*288,逐行扫描,30帧/秒???? QCIF格式:176*144,逐行扫描,30帧/秒色彩空间:YCbCr取样格式:4:2:0T1602690-97图像处理就是对图像信息进行加工处理,以满足人的视觉...

Bulk CT scans TIFF images compressed and stored as JPG files smaller

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">Bulk CT scans TIFF images compressed and stored as a jpg file. CT scan pictures of large amount of data,  we have designed an algorithm that Compress it into a black and white channel, made into a JPG, so that  future synthesis of three digita...


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