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Intrusion detection course design


PEDUMP-Matt Pietrek analyze PE file tools

family:'Microsoft YaHei';white-space:normal;font-size:14px;background-color:#F8F8F8;">PEDUMP - Win32/Win64 EXE/OBJ/LIB/DBG file dumper - Matt Pietrek PE 文件分析器,包含两个版本的源代码.可以在32/64位机器上学习,详细分析并输出了PE文件的关键信息...

Keyboard, mouse and Monitors

This is a software source code can be used to monitor the mouse and keyboard, you can monitor the mouse's scroll, click operations, always displays the mouse position when a mouse event occurs, will remain in the monitor box records. Can also monitor the keyboard input and record keyboard input...


space:nowrap;">setdll.exe已编译 detour自带,已经经大神编译好的...

DES algorithm, written in c++

Console program he wrote, not optimized, significantly more than 300 k per second or so. In accordance with the standard des algorithm design, for those who need to provide a reference. There is insufficient please correct me, thank you!!...

Spyware, fixed time intervals screenshots, saved to a specific folder

This program is used to monitor a specific computer. Turn on the computer running the program, the program automatically at regular intervals screenshots. And saved in a specific folder. Can be used to monitor the Internet records of others. Very simple. Suitable for beginners who are interested to...


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