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size:13.36px;font-family:serif;left:94.5596px;top:706.56px;transform:rotate(0deg) scale(0.996906, 1);transform-origin:0% 0% 0px;" data-angle="0" data-font-name="g_font_23_0" data-canvas-width="283.15452493591306"> Zhang proposes a technique for calibration based on the observation of a flat blank...

Digital Identification System

space:nowrap;">使用说明:第一步:训练网络。使用训练样本进行训练。(此程序中也可以不训练,因为笔者已经将训练好的网络参数保存起来了,读者使用时可以直接识别)第二步:识别。 首先,打开图像(256色) 再次,进行归...

C1c2c3 between seismic coherence cube c++ algorithms


DICOM storage and transport


Read the point cloud data

size:14px;">可以读取文件的三维点云坐标,并且实现鼠标的三维空间转化。 鼠标中键  按住拖动            旋转 鼠标滚轮  旋转                缩放 鼠标中键 + Ctrl   按...

Coordinates convertion

Gauss, as well as between various types of coordinates longitude and latitude coordinates, users can complete the coordinates through the MFC interface to read, enter, so as to obtain the required coordinates...

Image distortion correction

This algorithm implements image distortion correction, mainly for the video camera to create a variety of distortion by adjusting the parameters to achieve correction. Algorithm using C++ and OpenCv implementation....

Hand gesture recognition based on open

Static hand gesture recognition technology today gives a detailed analysis of the various methods, and on this basis, designed and implemented a set of static hand gesture recognition systems can identify in real time. The system is divided into four modules: sign imageCapture, image processing, fea...

Image mosaic system

Image mosaic system, development, under the VC++6 platformdebugging through, can achieve the two images with overlappingstitching, image mosaic effect better complete, the system use MFC framework, there are procedures for the use of t...

Bmp image compression JPEG

JPG-based image compression standard, complete graduation design, graduation buy now useless for everyone to share ah...

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