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computer hardware comprehensive experiment done a real

A traffic lights real-time control system design of the micro computer hardware experiment.PS:contain the experiment report-computer hardware comprehensive experiment done a real-time traffic signal control system design, good oh! Also experiment with the report.- A traffic lights real-time control...

用Excel做bp神经网络 是一个说明文挡,详细介绍使用情况

do with Excel bp neural network is a descriptive essay block, detailing the use of...


arc to develop a document detailing the development of arc steps and examples show that strong readability....

Bus PC104PLUS technical documentation in English. PC104 bus information to devel...

Bus PC104PLUS technical documentation in English. PC104 bus information to develop a must-see....

1. Download the version you want: * Version 1.3.4 (30 Aug 2007)

- this is the latest version for UNIX/Linux and Windows * Previous versions 2. Unzip the file, which will create a directory called klt and place all the files there 3. Compile and run the code * On UNIX / Linux, move to the klt directory, type make. Now try some examples, by typing exa...


pid adjusting the parameters of the method, the pid of the selected parameters will be of great help, is summed up by our predecessors can not see....


dos implementation document binary format...


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