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source code for pic16f8877a

this is source code for pic 16f877a it use for pwm and it use TMR2,it appication for modulation motor,LED,acoutis it was teach on university technology,industry...

source code for pic16f8877a

this is source code for pic 16f877a it use ADC, ADC is analog to digital converter,it use read data from variable resitor or LM35 sensor, then send data to use on university technology,industry...


Imagine a world where you can attempt to switch an existing PC BIOS to a custom UEFI one, without having to worry about recovery in case the UEFI boot fails...

Numerico teclado ingresar

Application backgroundPrograma escrito para ser utilizado en el micro controlador pic16f873a, donde se ingresa una clave numérica de cuatro dígitos, a través de un teclado numérico conectado al puerto A, la que es procesada, y a través de una pantalla led conectada al puerto C se muestra si la...

ATmega8 microcontroller nema42 AVR stepping controller driver

Application backgroundATmega8 connected to the DM2722 stepper motor driver. Motor NEMA42 can be started from zero up to 24 kHz frequency and back. These parts of sinus data are important for another stepper motor routines since stepper motor must ramp slowly and precise.Key TechnologyIn the file are...


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