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drawings for a small control that charted XY coordinates, and controls application packet see...

ImButton: 动态效果的按钮控件 ValidateEdit: 可限制输入内容的输入框 UrlLabel: 可实现超级链接的标签控件 YbUpDownEdi...

ImButton : Dynamic effects of button controls ValidateEdit : to limit the importation of content input box UrlLabel : hyperlinks can be realized labeling controls YbUpDownEdit : The next arrow Numerical size can be adjusted to the input box YbBackImage : background bitmap, can join a small bitmap sm...


a small program to support scrolling text images and mouse operational direction...


TbspRunAppBtn is a feature enhancements TSpeedbutton controls, TbspRunAppBtn can click to initiate applications, You can also customize OnClick event was the launch applications before or after. But also set up only one application launch, when you click again at the start of the process will be act...

内核的技术参考资料 关于 ARM7TDMI

S 处理器 ARM7TDMI-S 结构 ARM7TDMI-S 模块 内核和 ARM7TDMI-S 指令集汇-kernel on the technical reference ARM7TDMI-S Processor ARM7TDMI-S structure ARM7TDMI-S core module and ARM7TDMI-S Instruction Set Meeting...


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