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VC network video transmission

Network video transmission client C++ program, using visual C++ and compiled OPENCV 1.0...

Ftp transfer

size:14px;">Ftp客户端与服务器VC++完整版,是一个比较简单的ftp程序,但是程序提供了各种接口,能够让读者看法出各种复杂的ftp程序,程序中的各个程序模块均已经实现,以上所有程序在VC6.0中调试通过   目录ftp服务器是一个...

IP domain name Analyzer

We know that the Internet is a worldwide consisting of integrated computer and communication networks in General. Even between two computers on a network and communicate with each other, they transmit packets will contain certain additional information, this additional information is actually the ad...


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