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学生管理系统 vc++6.0 与access编程 学生管理系统 vc++6.0 与access编程...

student management system vc 6.0 programming students with access management system vc 6.0 and ACCE ss Programming...

考勤管理系统: 初始登录的用户和密码均为KQ

attendance management system : initial login and password of the users were Application of KQ...


to achieve a catalog of images stored in a database, through a number of field inquiries and dynamic display, hope that the right image database useful to beginners...

On student test scores, subjects in the system are welcome to download and excha

On student test scores, subjects in the system are welcome to download and exchange...


outstanding staff training management system, the MFC Visual Programming, it is worth your consideration, as well as the purpose of designing courses...

“图书馆书籍检索与借阅管理系统”软件旨在为在校学生提供一个功能全面、使用方便的个人数据库系统,同时利用先进信息技术为用户提供一些更为方便实用的功能。 此软件...

featured, easy-to-use personal database system, while the use of advanced information technology to provide users with some of the more convenient and practical functions. This software users (students) has the following characteristics:...

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