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PHP Projects – Inventory Management System

color:transparent;"> There are many items in a departmental store, which are sold to customers and purchased from suppliers. An order is placed by the customer – required details, which are listed below Item name Quantity Delivery time...

SHOPNC O2O system


computerization of transaction and shopping processes by supermarket retailers

The rapid proliferation in the use of technology through computerization of transaction and shopping processes by supermarket retailers has resulted in delivering value to consumers. This research work assesses how POS data is utilized by supermarkets and also the implementation of the concept under...

Record management

Records managers are responsible for the effective and appropriate management of an organisation's records from their creation through to their eventual. record management system, this will enable you to add and delete user as well as edit....

hostel mangement in php

size:16px;">宿舍管理 bymanual 方式是乏味的过程,因为它涉及到工作负载和省力。在这个系统中,我们可以轻松地管理宿舍的细节、 roomdetails、 学籍、 乱开支、 乱条例草案计算、 捷径地方分配和宿舍出勤。这个项目的主要特点是...


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