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Full waveform inversion procedures

This program is written using forten, detailed, run the inversion results obtained, unpacked, and major programs in a folder called src in the forward part of a staggered-grid finite difference method for inversion based on Conjugate gradient...


space:nowrap;line-height:1.5;">在本报告一个简单,但功能强大的计算机程序是 提出了二维瞬态流体的解决方案 流动自由边界。索拉-VOF 程序,这是 基于分数卷 (VOF) 的概念,是流体的 更灵活和更有效率比其他方法治疗任意...

2D multi-block Euler/NS CFD code

Stress Transport (SST) model. The code is very suited for CFD beginner to learn and gain their initial experience on CFD....

ABAQUS subroutine umat


USDLFD subroutine for 3d progressive damage of composites

This USDFLD subroutine is coded for progressive damage of composite structures based on Hashin criterion. Multiple materials can be applied within it for the need of complex constitution of composite lay-ups....

Fortran on unstructured mesh generation

size:14px;">Reading in point data to generate two-dimensional unstructured mesh, point data stored in files, themselves ready FPS running compiled programs, TEC and grid data is stored in the output grid file, you can plot software for visualization of the generated grid...

Unstructured Delaunay mesh generation Fortran source program


Soil cambridge constitutive-model with strain-softening

size:14px;">Abaqus 有限元程序 umat 代码。它使土壤剑桥的本构模型更强大 !它可以解决一些土应变软化的问题。...

Two dimensional Finite Volume Solver for Nonlinear shallow water equations

The code is to solve the shadow water equation using 2 D, Unstructured grid, Finite Volume method. A case is included. It is a rare and valuable source code....

Fortran code for finite element Division


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