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Kxpb framework

family:宋体;">What is it? Powerbuilder Foundation Class PFC 就是 Sybase The precast concrete company for us (that is, extended objects), we can use, which has a new function, in our development effort....

Example of Transact-SQL

size:16px;">这是一个简单的例子,使用 TRANSACT-SQL。它将显示如何创建和 manilupalate 数据库。...

Using T-SQL to write a stored procedure

SQL编写存储过程的基本用法,供初学者学习之用。存储过程是预先编译好的一组 Transact-SQL 语句,作为一个单元存储在服务器端并在服务器端执行. 存储过程可以带输入、 输出参数, 具有返回值. 存储过程的优点如下: (1) 存储过程...

Application of the cursor in the autonomous development of online sentence test system

Application backgroundJudge Online (referred to as OJ) generally refers to the international students in the program design contest and other forms of programming contest to evaluate the correctness and efficiency of the program and the program is based on the network environment. Discusses the appl...

SQL database dictionary generator green version



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