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echo cancellation

space:nowrap;">这是回声取消示例 这是回声取消示例 这是回声取消示例 这是回声取消示例 这是回声取消示例 这是回声取消示例 这是回声取消示例 这是回声取消示例 这是回声取消示例...

HMM for speech recognition Matlab code

space:nowrap;">dtw - DTW算法演示程序 mfcc.m - MFCC参数计算程序 dtw.m - 基本的DTW算法 dtw2.m - 优化的DTW算法 testdtw.m - DTW算法测试程序 vad.m - 端点检测程序 cdhmm - 连续高斯混合HMM演示程序 pdf.m - 高斯...

speaker recognition with NN

family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Swiss, Futura, sans-serif;font-size:11px;line-height:normal;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">说话人识别或语音识别是认识到人们从他们的声音的任务。这种系统提取语音特征,它们建模和使用它们来认出的人从他...

Gender recognition using matlab

size:14px;font-family:Arial;">This program: Record your voice for 5 seconds Play back the recording Store data in double-precision array Plot the waveform Calculate over all the frames in the sample  LPF the speech at 900 Hz to remove upper freq. (since Pitc...

Sound recognition using matlab

height:1.5;">然后离散,和做滤波, 然后得到从那功能和神经网络的分类和回传播。...

Dynamic consolidation

In isolated Word speech recognition, the most simple and effective method is to use DTW (Dynamic Time Warping dynamic time Organizer) algorithm, this algorithm based on dynamic programming (DP) ideas, solve the problem of template matching pronunciation varies, appeared earlier, in speech recognitio...


Hammerstein system identification, which state space subsystem is included to form the linear part of the Hammerstein system....

Voice toolbox for matlab

height:1.5;">LPC and discrete function quantize filter. This is best for processing on voice sound and speech....


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