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java library project

space:nowrap;">try{FileReader fr=new FileReader("library.txt");BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr);String str;while((str=br.readLine())! = null){ System.out.println(str+"\n");}br.close();}catch (IOException e){ System.out.println("Can't Read This File!");}...

finger print scanner test

test finger print scanner test finger print scanner test finger print scanner test finger print scanner...

JAVA check on work attendance management system

Writing is very suitable for download Oh, want everyone to download, mainly for a time, or to the teacher, you know...

Web version of the hotel management system source code in Java

in information including registration information, customer information and expense information three.Checkout module: This module is used to process the customer checkout information, customers only need to know the room number, will be able to check out.Reservation module: booking information of t...

JSP online examination system

zeroborder" border="0"> 题库设置 1、采用树形分类进行题库设置,节点不限层级,方便客户进行精细化的题库建设。 2、可按分类知识点进行题库权限分配,防止越权操作。 3、可配置的题库审...



Java OA system


Android gyroscope

space:nowrap;">// Integrate around this axis with the angular speed by the timestep // in order to get a delta rotation from this sample over the timestep // We will convert this axis-angle representation of the delta rotation // into a quaternion before turning it into the rotation matrix....

Android OBD source code

size:14px;">车联网的 android端 obd软件, 协议和发送接收指令 ,显示行车电脑里各种数据以及故障码等...

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