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Android Bluetooth 4.0ble

Latest technology low-power Bluetooth search, discovery, paired features such as true! Detailed code comments, Bluetooth low power good information...

Android file transfer

This is a simple implementation of Android, download files from the server-side, multi-threaded to achieve file transfers and resuming capabilities. First is the PC acting as a server, and then phone a Android client can allow file downloads...

Speex eliminate echo examples

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">1.回声消除就是在Mic采集到声音之后,将本地音箱播放出来的声音从Mic采集的声音数据中消除掉,使得Mic录制 的声音只有本地用户说话的声音。传统的回声消除都是采用硬件方式,在硬件电路上集成DSP...

APK Android end smart home program


Android Bluetooth printing

Application backgroundWith the prevalence of App, wireless Bluetooth printer with its unique traversal and superiority, becoming more popular, this example is called the Bluetooth printer to print text and pictures, and two-dimensional code.Key TechnologyThis example uses the Android Bluetooth detec...

Real-time acquisition of mobile phone camera video source code

Application backgroundThrough this source code to achieve real-time view of the network camera image. Test success, 720 very process....

Android AMR audio decoding

space:nowrap;">android录音amr解码,采用jni底层解码、编码的方式会音频进行压缩和解压缩以减小带宽的使用,采用8000 bit_16,单声道...

Android music player

Very good code. Welcome to download. Will be able to help you quickly learn to use only, and practiced hand. Simple and robust....

Android phone and PC file transfer


Android Speex Ogg encapsulated

Voice recording and compression is achieved through Speex encoded using Ogg encapsulated, well, ask price small size...

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