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Example code for log4j

size:16px;">Example code for log4j log tool and configuration details....

Simple BMI conversion diary record

space:nowrap;">简易BMI转换日记纪录,可储存日记心得 纪录每日体重是减肥基础,帮助您快速纪录BMI之余 也能记录每日心得...

Centroid of ConvexHull

size:14px;">1.    This program gets some points coordinate as input. Input File Format: Line 1: Number of points Other Lines: x y  2.    Then it computes the convex hull using Graham scan algorithm. ...

Two Phase Lock

Program to simulate Two Phase Lock. There is no connection to the database.The stories are set in the source code and the result is displayed on the console after running....

System MVC (With JFrame, DataBase)

System with a graphical interface, connecting to the database and the MVC pattern to a veterinary clinic.  The system is integrated with a database named "vaccinare". The file with the creation of the table and their fields are in the file....

1 dimensional array

Application backgroundthis code made to fullfill the task of basic java programming    Key Technologyjava, array, application, satu, dimensi, satu dimensi, array satu dimensi...

Overload and recursion

Application backgroundto fulfill basic programming using java languageKey Technologyoverloading, loading, over, load, and, &, re, cursive, recursive, rekursif...

Chain programming using java

Application backgroundsebuah penerapan for linked list using java from and IT collegerKey Technologyan application of linked list method of java language programming...


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