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Android application developed by GEO-fencing

fences can be realized. (Advisable to use ADT's version of Eclipse development)....

Android BLE TI Sensortag example program

Android phones and TI SensorTag communication through BLE4.0 example program. Applications include Bluetooth scanning, services and features of the Bluetooth protocol stack using BLE great help. Development CC2540, CC2541 and other intelligent wearable and embedded applications can refer...

Java code for 3DES

This is a java application will help encryption in 3 DES. It can be used in magnetic stripe card reader interfacing and reader development itself...

Infineon 6410 Android test code

size:16px;">在开发板成功移植安卓系统的基础上 ,进行的app开发,用于测试开发板上的代表性元件,LED的亮灭,花样闪烁。动态改变蜂鸣器的震动频率从而得到不同的音效。以及AD/DA的转换,最后还有温度传感器的测试用于显示当...


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