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the compressed file contains the source code of AWARD BIOS type D1D.Supported ch...

the compressed file contains the source code of AWARD BIOS type D1D.Supported chipsets are listed in the related file.One can complie,download and run it on the mainboard if he has such one....


dimensional photonic crystal with the structure of the program, prepared by Matlab. unpacks the files, procedures written in word document, together with the painting under Matlab plans, I feel very useful...

Fortran interpolation procedure

Fortran interpolation program, a total of 8. Including the Lagrange interpolation, spline interpolation, interpolating parabola. Essential for beginners....

Based on two-level directory structure of a simple file system management and operations.

left:18.0000pt;text-indent:-18.0000pt;"> (1) 要求本文件系统采用两级目录,即设置主文件目录[MFD]和用户文件目录[UFD]。在主文件目录中,每 个用户目录都占有一个目录项,其目录项中包含文件名和指向该文件目录文件。在用...

MIPS instruction set matrix multiplication based implementation

space:nowrap;">基于mips64的指令集,采用汇编实现矩阵乘法,在模拟器上可以自行输入矩阵的行数、矩阵的列数等信息, 然后自己设计矩阵的数据进行计算,感觉实现还是比较灵活的,但是也可以再改进一下...

EM78P153 designed with PWM source code, which has a detailed description.

17 06:06:56 GMT; max-age=31536000; path=/;; version=1 P3p: CP=" OTI DSP COR IVA OUR IND COM " P3p: CP=" OTI DSP COR IVA OUR IND COM " Tracecode: 04169576540945499658112214 Tracecode: 04169038650276769290112214 Server: Apache {"from":"en","to":"zh","trans_result":[{"src":"EM78P153...


phase hybrid stepping motor phase current breakdown of the closed-loop control and drive. With multiple segments and phase current setting function, able to drive a variety of three-phase hybrid stepping motor, the smallest step angle is 0.036 °....

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