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password based door locking system using 8051 microcontroller

size:16px;">我们设计的基于密码门锁系统使用的键盘和液晶屏幕的微控制器 8051.interfacing 为输入和 我们的接口与 microconntroller.we 3 * 3 小键盘还提供一个设施,更改密码的岗前。 现在一天大多数的系统都被自动...

wireless heart rate monitor

now a days wireless communication is gaining pace....even for small things we need a wireless case of public health its of immense a wireless heart rate monitor and temperature sensor comes very handy.using a 555 timer amd microcontroller 89c52 we can implement it...

led matrix

Code viet led matrix bang c va asm...

PIC16F877A motor driver

size:16px;">此代码是 pic16f877a 电机的驱动程序。它帮助学生的基本知识,容易了解如何使简单的芯片电机 pwm 控制器。...

Complete works of Assembly language

space:normal;">Very good, full resolution! Welcome to download ~ ~ ~ Very good, full resolution! Welcome to download ~ ~ ~...

ad9833 based function generator

12V rail is about 15mA rising to 23.7mA at 11MHz(peak load frequency) with the AD811 output loaded with a short or capacitor. With such low power requirements lends itself to a low power inductor based inverter using the TPS6735 plus the following: C1 44uF, C2 10uF, C3 1uF, C4 ~44uF, C5 22uF,...

Snake games c language source code

layer reader-word-s1-1" style="margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;padding:0px;font-size:144px;font-family:宋体, cdc9f470f242336c1eb95ee00010001, 宋体;position:absolute;-webkit-font-smoothing:antialiased;text-shadow:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) 1px 1px 1px;letter-spacing:-0.6900000000000001px;background-color:...

embeded device reverse engineering tools

content"> In July I had the honor to speak at the Recon conference in Montreal, Canada. It was my first conference but I really liked the experience. I hope I'll be able to attend it in future. The presentations were recorded and hopefully will appear on the Recon site soon but for now you ca...

51 plays us a laugh

code unsigned char MUSIC[]={ 6,2,3, 5,2,1, 3,2,2, 2,2,2, 1,2,4, 0,0,0, 3,2,3, 2,2,1, 1,2,2, 6,2,2, 5,2,4, 0,0,0, 5,1,3, 6,1,1, 5,1,2, 6,1,2, 1,2,2, 2,2,1, 3,2,2, 5,2,2, 6,2,3, 5,2,1, 3,2,2, 2,2,1, 2,2,4, 0,0,0, 0,0,0, }; //Scale frequency meter high eight bits code unsigned char FREQH[]={ 0x...

File server

space:nowrap;">文件服务器,文件里有详细的服务器源代码和客户端源代码 非常实用...


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