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fira 11v11 v

space:nowrap;">Chengdu University of fira 11v11 source file Soccer Robot Simulation Group SimuroSot11vs11 of the source.  Contains policy documents and position papers strategy.cpp position.cpp...

NURBS curve interpolation

space:nowrap;">This article more in-depth study of NURBS curve and its properties, the relevant parameter calculation method. Raised when palms of NURBS curves interpolation algorithm for differential equations, using combined front and rear differential replace differential Method, the initial pus...

Hand gesture detection

space:nowrap;"> 这是使用 C.手势检测的源代码。欢迎大家下载、试用。谢谢大家的支持。...

How to use modbus over serial line for stm32

bottom:.0001pt;"> 我们正在开发的硬件和软件的主机和客户端系统装置的使用安全。我们使用基于 ARM 皮质 8 CPU 模块为主控设备 210 板。我们的安全系统的图形化设计为 android 应用程序中使用软件并结合此主控设备与客户端设备基...

C language Manchester encoding

sectional results of operation, informative and specific....

HelixAAC decoder

Helix AAC audio decoder source code, but the sound quality, the speed is very fast! Will upload later corresponding encoder code, please conjunction with!...

C open the camera

The source is the main: open camera on computer programs, this program is mainly formed by the c, C++ and object-oriented language without complex, guarantee, of course, understand, what are you waiting for, hurry download!!! The source is the main: open camera on computer programs, this progr...



WinsCard dll that sends and receives APDU commands to a smart card.

space:nowrap;">WinsCard dll,它将发送和接收 APDU 命令的智能卡。 在 C 原始 SmartCardIO 由安德鲁 · 费尔南德斯...

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