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Bare metal mini2440 player


C0 language yacc parsers (semi-finished products)

indent:12.0pt;"> 输入文件是任何一个目录下的文件格式的C0语言程序段, 输出文件是以xml格式表示的语法分析的结果, 程序将输入文件作为输入,用flex扫描、分解字符串,识别出一个个单词(定义符、标识符、运算符...

Based on 51 single chip PS2 Keyboard

PS2 keyboard based on 51 single chip design, as a slave, PS2 interface connected to your computer, the program includes post, sending the key value and the scanning matrix. Tested fully workingNote to boot before the keyboard connected to the computer interface, computer BIOS self test to set the ke...

Design of multifunctional bicycle odometer

The design using AT89S52 microcontroller as the core, Hall sensors for measuring the speed, and the bike mileage, speed, time, temperature measurement and statistics, using memory 24C32 realize the power down time to save mileage and miles of bike and speeds with LCD display. Article detailing the b...

c8051 f020 Step Motor control

space:nowrap;">c8051 f020 Step Motor control, forward and backward spin...

my first program area of triangle

space: normal;">main() { float teihen,takasa,menseki; printf("三角形の面積を求めます。\n"); printf("底辺を入力してください。\n"); scanf("%f",&teihen); printf("高さを入力してください。\n"); scanf("%f",&takasa); menseki = teihen * takasa /2; printf("面積...


top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;padding:6px;overflow:auto;width:640px;height:436px;">#include<stdio.h> float add(float,float); float sub(float,float); float product(float,float); float divide(float,float); void main() {     float n1,n2;     char sym,choice;     printf...

c class code

dimensional array to achieve a matrix transpose 014 maximum / minimum element for solving the two-dimensional array 015 before using the array of n primes 016 preparation calendar Sort the array elements 017 018 arbitrary hexadecimal number conversion 019 judgment palin...


align:justify;text-indent:35.45pt;"> O presente 》 后透射电镜 por objetivo descrever 科摩 o 作为那里再次遭殴打 aritméticas de 桥脑 flutuante seguindo 作为规定的 computador 态做 padrão IEEE 754。 段 compreender 科摩 é 两 esta conversão apresentaremos o 日...

Show Analog input on LCD in PIC microcontroller in CCs

output target-output" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px; line-height: 22px; font-size: 14px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: arial;">在这个项目中,PIC微控制器与CCS编译我从微控制器的模拟输入模拟和字符液晶显示它。我把模拟器写在proteus程序文件...

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