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Mobile audio communication

space:nowrap;">手机音频通信 单片机 程序,想做手机音频通信的通信吗,可以看看...

CNC Simuation 3D

align:left;">数控 (NC) 是机床的由编程命令正是上一种存储介质,而不是机床的通过手轮或杠杆,手动控制或机械自动化通过凸轮单独编码操作的自动化。大多数数控今天电脑数值控制 (CNC),在哪些计算机播放控件的整体部分...

Atmega128 sample code

size:14px;">It includes functions such as timers, IO, interrupt, CHAR LCD, I2C, SPI is.  ...

Modbus485 protocol

Application background工业控制现场485总线协议,485远距离通信,现场总线控制应用Key Technology工业控制modbus485总线协议,stm32f103,物理层使用的是sp3485...

NX second development instance

An example to introduce a general method to do secondary development on the current high-end 3D CAD software, the entire function is implemented on the part of the parting process by calling NX secondary development interface, and the corresponding c function to achieve parts Select the menu generat...

AD9850 DDS module controller with Arduino Uno


Has the functions of administrators and ordinary users of campus navigation system

left:18.0pt;text-indent:0cm;"> (1)设计学校的校园平面图,所含景点不少于10个。以图中顶点表示校内各景点,存放景点名称、代号、简介等信息;以边表示路径,存放路径长度等相关信息。 (2)为来访客人提供图中任意景点相关...

Firmware C source for rep rap printer

space:nowrap;">Rep rap 打印机的固件 C 源代码...

C language in table tennis

Made of microcontroller controlled table tennis Simulator, play speed adjustable speed, to display score, can be cleared, written in c programs. Button emulation....

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