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Based on the UDP socket client server programming

align:center;" align="center"> 基于UDP的socket编程                                        &...

Insertion sort

space:nowrap;">/ * 插入排序升序排列 * / #include < stdio.h > #include < stdlib.h > #include < time.h > int main) { int n、 数组 [1000],c,d,t ; printf ("Enter elementsn 数") ; scanf ("%d",& n); printf ("Enter %d integersn",n) ; 为...

CS create and file transfer Client and Server mode

Implements file transfer download and execute concurrently,  receive and send the file of download, implements a server to handle multiple client requests for file download, this program written in c language, socket connections are described in detail, making it simple and accessible....

Reverse String

This code simply coverts a typed word into its reverse.If you input a string for instance a word it displays back a reverse of itself,....


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