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Video acquisition in Linux server (UDP transmission,multithreadeds mode)

height: 22px;">This is the source code of multi-threads network programming in Linux. It implements ARM9 video acquisition and transfer JPEG data through the internet, using UDP protocol. I wrote it myself, several days hard work!  The  multi-threads programming is very complicat...

G711a+h264 package for MP4

size:14px;">1、从g711a音频文件中提取转为pcm 2、从pcm转为aac 3、aac和h264封装为mp4 4、使用的是C语言 5、代码运行效率比较好 6、没有内存泄漏 在i386的Linux上测试不错,而且可以很简单的移植到arm平台...

IEC61850 system remote control code

Telecontrol system in power system using 61850 standard, detailed implement 61850 protocol details, all IDE intelligent device for power system communication between telecontrol system, compatible with most of the power system standard....

Iec104,C-language source code

IEC104 Protocol implementation code, c language implementation and application in electric power system, TCP/IP protocol implementation, port 2404...

Ksz8863phy--Linux driver

size:14px;">这是一个Linux下的ksz8863交换机驱动程序, 这个为C语言代码,分为多种控制模式,有MDIO,SPI, I2C, 可以任选其中一种作为芯片的控制模式。...

RTSP Server source code

family:宋体;">Server functionality and source code of working practice, forget all of careful study....

Tube mechanisms to resolve North-South Bridge problem


DHCP client DHCP client source C language test by highly portable

space:nowrap;">DHCP client DHCP客户端源码 C语言实现 测试通过 移植性很强,动态获取dhcp server的IP地址。...

Arm-Linux platform for video surveillance procedures


Rtspd Server source code

space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">Socket.rar this source is primarily runs on Linux and Unix platforms, the function is achieved between the Socket communication ... serial.rar this source primarily in Linux, running on Unix...

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