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Data source 1000 cases

Data source 1000 cases of very detailed; Data source, 1000; Data source 1000 cases...

International Checkers

family:arial, 宋体, sans-serif;color:#333333;LINE-HEIGHT: 24px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; TEXT-INDENT: 28px; WHITE-SPACE: normal; FONT-SIZE: 14px">国际跳棋,一种古老的棋类游戏。远在古埃及法老时期就已存在,现代国际跳棋是在12世纪定型的。 国际跳棋是由...

QRCODE generated 24-bit bmp bitmap

IntroductionThis is a simple example of the use of libqrencode library, the library from FUKUCHI Kentaro, used to generate QRCode text from bmp files. Online information about the library, but there is no simple example shows how to use it. In this project, demonstrating the solution occurs when usi...

Banking simulation system


kernel programming - detecting mouse

This program can read the system environment variables, see no mouse. If Yes, will output Mouse is OK, otherwise output No mouse....

Warburg apparatus and colorimeter

This code is for Arduino Leonardo. The board reads a pressure sensor MPX5010DP, from Motorola, which is conected to a Warburg vessel. The board reads a light sensor TSLR230 from TAOS as well. So you can choose in beetween two modes: MODE COLORIMETER and MODE WARBURG APPARATUS with a button. In both...

Collection of c language

Highlights of the c language type, collection of a large number of the c language type, Has a lot of simple but very practical algorithms, to learn the c language is a rare information....

zlib compression algorithm file

zlib is a file compression algorithm, and its compression and decompression algorithms are completely open, so it decodes swf, mp3 decoding has been widely used.The 1.2.3 version is the latest and stable version....

Based on C, C + +, sort of

space:nowrap;">//希尔排序void ShellSort(int r[], int n){ int i; int d; int j;    for (d=n/2; d>=1; d=d/2)            //以增量为d进行直接插入排序 {     for (i=d+1; i<n; i++)    {         &nbs...

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