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Map management system

Electronic map database management system, suitable for beginners operating system, using C language information search the electronic map, and CRUD functions.Concise interface, ease of development, beginners can be modified after use....

MIZI linux SDK for s3c2410 kernel linux-2.4.18

pos="0|4" right-pos="0|4" space="" style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: arial; font-size: 14px; line-height: 22px;">MIZI Linux SDK的S3C2410核心linux-2.4.18它的所有功能,你可以在现代成熟的期望UNIX,包括真正的多任务,虚拟内存,共享库,需求装...

RTOS Threadx 3.0f source

ThreadX threads, semaphores, mutexes, such as message queues, timers, interrupt operations. txe_ba.ctxe_bpc.ctxe_bpd.ctxe_br.ctxe_byta.ctxe_bytc.ctxe_bytd.ctxe_bytr.ctxe_efc.ctxe_efd.ctxe_efg.ctxe_efs.ctxe_qc.ctxe_qd.ctxe_qf.ctxe_qr.ctxe_qs.ctxe_sc.ctxe_sd.ctxe_sg.ctxe_sp.ctxe_taa.ctxe_tc.ctxe_tda.c...

语音 超声波测距LCD12864显示


Free Rtos Source Code

M3 controller in Luminary series. How tasks create in free Rtos which is a open platform. How multiple tasks run on different priorities. Multitasking implementation for Cortex-M3 controllers....

The Dining Philosophers problem

The Dining Philosophers problem is summarized as five philosophers sitting at a table doing one of two things: eating or thinking. While eating, they are not thinking, and while thinking, they are not eating. The five philosophers sit at a circular table with a large bowl of spaghetti in the center....

A simple example for multithreading and semaphore

This example implements a reading room model.Suppose there are 8 seats in the reading room and 5 seats in the waiting room.The readers' action will be like this:1) A reader registers his information in the front desk before he enters the reading room. He logs out after he leaves. The front desk can...

Design of process scheduling algorithm

left:42.0pt;text-indent:-21.0pt;">n  进程通过定义一个进程控制块的数据结构(PCB)来表示; n  每个进程需要赋予进程ID、进程到达时间、进程需要运行的总时间的属性; n  在RR中,以1为时间片单位; n  运行时,输入进...

FIFO sorting

1.  Reference string: 1~200 2.  Number of memory references: At least 20,000 times 3.  Number of frames in the physical memory: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 4.  Two test reference strings:     (1) Random: Arbitrarily pick one number for each reference. &n...

Memory monitoring

Design a memory monitor can display current system memory usage in real time, including the system address space layout, the usage of physical memory; real-time display of a process's virtual address space layout and working set information....


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