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A variety of image segmentation algorithm

Using OpenCV image processing tool kit in VC6.0 platform for image processing. Image region grows, Canny operator, a parallel region segmentation, serial boundary segmentation, image segmentation algorithms and segmentation of images can be very good for beginners to learn...

A Lossy Coding Scheme for Images by Using The Daubechies Wavelet Transform - D4 And The Theory of Entire Cross Point Regions, Crosspoint 2D

size:16px;">摘要 — — 本文介绍利用 Daubechies 小波变换 — — D4 和理论的交叉点地区整个交叉 PointRegions (LS HWT & ICRs),由图像的有损编码交叉点 2D。这种说法的基础是 Graycoding 的疗效上跨是邻居的灰度级别 2n 点的点。格雷码相...


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