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Bare metal mini2440 player


wince game 24 points

Popular game, wince for beginners, is a good springboard, faster progress!...



Node.js log database

size:16px;">用于node.js开发的程序中作为log显示和log文件使用 库提供了log的模式 可通过设置来控制不同程序版本下的log显示和文件方式 满足大部分的log需求 ...

Student examination system


C++ implementation of synchronous FIFO

Compare with hardware implementation, you can send and receive data in the routing algorithm. Simple modeling models, it is very helpful. Documentation: FIFO.H,FIFO. CPP,MAIN. CPP...

C0 language yacc parsers (semi-finished products)

indent:12.0pt;"> 输入文件是任何一个目录下的文件格式的C0语言程序段, 输出文件是以xml格式表示的语法分析的结果, 程序将输入文件作为输入,用flex扫描、分解字符串,识别出一个个单词(定义符、标识符、运算符...

Library management system

Realized with Java + MySQL library management system, can be directly imported into the project running, very helpful for learning Java development....

VS2008 environment, configuring OpenCV

VS2008 OpenCV,1 environment configuration. Install OpenCV 2.1. 2. install CMake 2.8.3. 3. build OpenCV. 4. configure your Windows environment variable Path.5. Configuring OpenCV environment for VS2008. 6. programming with OpenCV2.1...

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