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Has the functions of administrators and ordinary users of campus navigation system

left:18.0pt;text-indent:0cm;"> (1)设计学校的校园平面图,所含景点不少于10个。以图中顶点表示校内各景点,存放景点名称、代号、简介等信息;以边表示路径,存放路径长度等相关信息。 (2)为来访客人提供图中任意景点相关...

C # Enterprise inventory management system


PIC 16F628+L6219 stepper control in microstep mode

size:14px;">My project in MPLAb of stepper control based on PIC 16F628 microcontroller and steper driver L6219. Can work in microstepping mode. ...

Student information management system

Student information management system, functions to achieve: student information queries, student information to add, delete student information, log on to verify student information management system!Programming software VS2008, database type SQL Server2005!...

Comobox smart tips

Combo Box (combo box) control is very simple, can save space. From the user's point of view, this control is a text input control and a drop-down menu. The user can select an option from a predefined list, also can be directly in the text box to enter text....

Snake game on .net

Snake game is most popular game..herei develop this game in asp.netAs with the study its good to do work.At one this lest do 2 is the code of game which write in the is easy to understand and its running condition..So enjoy ur study with fun....

Project Management Portal

size: 14px; line-height: 22px;">在ASP.NET和SQL数据库开发C #使用MS。...

Kinect - Getting started with Motion Tracking

us/kinectforwindowsdev/Start.aspx。下载最新的 SDK,红色的 outlinebelow 所示。尚未做插件你 Kinect。如果你做,你可能会发现 Kinect 不会显示任何灯光闪烁,而不是功能。...

ECG delineation


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