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NX second development instance

An example to introduce a general method to do secondary development on the current high-end 3D CAD software, the entire function is implemented on the part of the parting process by calling NX secondary development interface, and the corresponding c function to achieve parts Select the menu generat...

C++ implementation of serial communication, you can send files

space:nowrap;">本软件的目的是将上位机中的图片文件,通过串口下载到嵌入式设备的存储卡中。 串口默认设置是 COM3,波特率9600, 数据位8, 停止位1,无效验0...

Movement simulator for mobility prediction

This is the activity model simulator based on the work carried out by planning organizations and uses statistics drawn from five years surveys on users’ displacements. It simulates a set of users’ displacements during a number of days. Generated displacements are based on each user’s ac...

3D Image Gallery

space:nowrap;">It is written in PureBasic and uses Ogre Engine. Its essence - display photos in beautiful surroundings....

Fractal generator

height:1.5;">-In Julia you can select random number to generate different Julia´s -You can also Zoom into fractals -Save images is also an option -You can open multiple windows and generate multiple fractal at once, application is also multithreaded Short cut - Ctrl + B crea...

AD9850 DDS module controller with Arduino Uno


45tilemap a good Sample

space:nowrap;">#include "HelloWorldScene.h" #include "SimpleAudioEngine.h" #include "Player.h" using namespace cocos2d; using namespace CocosDenshion; CCScene* HelloWorld::scene() {     // 'scene' is an autorelease object     CCScene *scene = CCScene::create(); &...

real time video streaming through Bluetooth

justify:inter-ideograph;"> This project is base on wireless communication between two computers. In this report we have discussed video streaming through Bluetooth. Video is the sequence of frames and streaming is the continuous sending of frames. Real time video streaming is becoming ver...

Flex usage and notes


Electronic medical record Editor (form)

size:10.5000pt;font-family:'宋体';">在原来的编辑器的基础上进行改造,加了表格的功能。不是通过richText富文本框来实现。可以实现图文混编,并且对单元格实现拖拽,合并和拆分。.NET图形编程是以类型 System.Drawing.Graphics为中心...

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