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Source code for HRM software

size:14px;">人力资源管理软件、 工资、 工作时间管理、 员工配置文件的所有函数源代码... 管理时间和工作通过允许员工灵活的设置和各种不同的工作轮班在业务方面,具有突出的特点包括: -定义假日的类型、 风格双转移...

Hotel management system

size:14px;">In this project customers search for the booking to the hotel at the particular location then he/she can find the various hotels which are available and what are there prices then he/she can book the hotel for the particular day or some time....

Easy language win7 network adapter IP change

Easy language win7 NIC IP modify the registry + API way to get, so that lack of mutual complementarity, to make the program even more perfect. Disabling the network adapter...

Insert, Delete, Update in Grid View using ASP.NET

Insert, Delete, Update in Grid View using ASP.NET1.As we don't want to use datasource controls. Please delete "Object Data Source1" control from the webform.2. Delete Data Source ID="Object Data ource1" from Grid View1. This should remove the dependency of Grid VIew1 on Object Da...

Cartogram using d3

size:16px;">这是斯里兰卡与技术 (如 html、 css 和 json 使用 json 文件 cartogram。您可以生成任何种类的地图使用此作为样本。它从一个 json 文件中读取该位置并创建 cartogram。...

LiteKeys - Hotkey Manager for Multiple Keyboards

Translated by  maninwest@Codeforge  Author:Vít Blecha @ CodeprojectThe original purpose of the LiteKeys is to improve ergonomics while working with graphics tablet. However, the LiteKeys can enhance your workflow even when you are not using the tablet. You can use the extra keyboard to as...

Modbus485 protocol

Application background工业控制现场485总线协议,485远距离通信,现场总线控制应用Key Technology工业控制modbus485总线协议,stm32f103,物理层使用的是sp3485...

Electricity billing project

Application background Power Billing System   Objective: The objective of this application is the development of Electronic Billing System. It is a web-based application which aids the clients and staff members of A.P.S.E.B for dealing with transactions over the internet...

voice chat

family:Arial, sans-serif;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;font-size:14px;margin:15px 0px 0px;line-height:20px;"> 任何一个可以帮我如何做语音聊天和在 C# 中的 cideo 聊天...与客户端服务器......可以任何一个帮我一个源代码或可遵循的一些技巧......

Complex particle flow model generator

This Fortran code used, based on AutoCAD as an input file directly as PFC model command stream, avoiding the trouble of entering commands one by one, and generate a small amount of granular flow models superimposed, meet pfc2d pretreatment application of geotechnical software....

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