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Samkar Retail Management System

space:nowrap;">Samkar POS 零售管理系统是为中心的数据库系统,它可以被用来管理你的中小企业。Samkar RMS 允许用户存储几乎所有他们的业务信息的电子化,包括销售、 员工、 属性、 客户、 供应商的资料,甚至允许功能用户发展到...

Vending Machine

It is a software that simulates the proces of ATM that sell food and drinks to people that put coins in the ATM....

Install Program With Delphi

space:nowrap;">用 Delphi 安装程序 用 Delphi 安装程序...

PPT control system based on kinect

Leveraging Microsoft's kinect for gesture recognition, using gestures to control playback ppt, this procedure is implemented using c #, is a WPF project, functionality that you implement is to identify the nearest sensor by the presenter, when its left hand, swinging to the left, away from the head...

C # enterprise personnel management system

family:黑体;">系统介绍 根据企业对人事管理的要求,本系统可以实现以下目标: l  操作简单方便、界面简洁美观。 l  在查看员工信息时,可以对当前员工的家庭情况、培训情况进行添加、修改、删除的操作。 l  方便...

VB control handle dynamic access to an onscreen information

space:nowrap;">VB 动态获取屏幕任意控件句柄信息,通过移动鼠标获取...

Speech Recognition using MFCC and VQ

way-days Speech Recognition in real time under noise conditions is major challenge. so many algorithms are implemented for recognition of speech like LPC, Wavelets,DTW,HMM etc. ...

Atmega128 sample code

size:14px;">It includes functions such as timers, IO, interrupt, CHAR LCD, I2C, SPI is.  ...

hotel reservation

space:nowrap;"> 2. database name = hotelreservation 3. dump in phpmyadmin database/hotelreservation.sql and  database/stroredprocedure.sql 4. and please remove the trigger in hotelreservation.sql to run trigger completely 5. http://localhost/HotelReservation/Hotel.php and it w...

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