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MATLAB robot interpolation example programs


Converting PDF to Text in C#

1.8.7.dll然后复制以下文件的 bin 目录:·         commons-logging.dll·         fontbox-1.8.7.dll·         IKVM.OpenJDK.Text.dll·         IKVM.OpenJDK.Util.dll·         IKVM.Runtime.dll使...

Massive MIMO in the UL/DL of Cellular Networks: How Many Antennas Do We Need?

cooperative multi-cellular time-division duplexing (TDD) systems, assuming that the number N of antennas per base station (BS) and the number K of user terminals (UTs) per cell are large. Our system model accounts for channel estimation, pilot contamination, and an arbitrary path loss and antenna co...

Chanlunv1.2 source code


OpenDWG|OpenDWG class library

OpenDWG libraries, OpenDWG libraries OpenDWG OpenDWG    OpenDWG class library class library class library class library class library OpenDWG OpenDWG OpenDWG OpenDWG class library class library class library class library OpenDWG OpenDWG OpenDWG library...


J1939 protocol can be used for electronic control of engine control communications, is a good way of helping information...

Student job submission and grading system


Regular expressions into C++ implementation of NFA DFA minimization

size:16px;">A001:编写一个程序,输入一个正规表达式,输出与该文法等价的有限自动机 数据结构:                   本体活用vector类,Node代表每个节点的n个箭头,...

SIM900 display content and get data

This source code is to send the short message to SIM900 and display content in LED display board, then connect the PIC18f4550 to sim900 to get data....


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