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K-means clustering

This clustering algorithm is to achieve natural phenomena, k-means clustering is a method. Using C++ programming, you can implement processing of large amounts of data, such as seismic data processing, can be quickly sorted the seismic data, and then find the epicenter, in order to achieve the purpo...




MIMO system, antenna selection algorithm for a detailed script! There are PPT simulation program and simulation map!...

1)用户管理: 包括用户注册,用户注册登录,对注册用户进行权限设定,对注册用户的添加和删除等,对于一个完善的电子邮件系统来说,用户管理是很重要的,通过它可以...

1) The user management: Including user registration, user registration log in registered users permissions are set for registered users to add and delete and so on, for a complete e-mail systems, user management is very important, through which can be documents, letters, the user information, etc...


The program focus on that it utilize the DDS core embedded in the ISE to generate the sigle sinusoid signal and this program have acess to the posted simulation!...


Neusoft company's software development and management of documents. Beginners should learn....

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