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Pro Rs 232

232 是最常见的串行接口和船只作为在大多数 Windows 兼容的桌面计算机上的标准组件。RS-232 只允许一个发射器和一个接收器在每一行上。RS-232 还使用一种全双工传输方法。有些 RS-232 主板出售国家文书支持波特率达 1 Mbit/s,但大...

Super useful network library (http, and RTSP)

space:normal;">encapsulates the client portion , there are several class Socket encapsulates the socket interface, can be used directly Base64 encoding The total number of lines of code 25455...

C# About Bluetooth Communication Development

C # on computer software that communicates with the phone via Bluetooth phones. Achieve mobile client through a simple algorithm and Bluetooth technology and communication computer, so you can make the phone and computer can communicate well, on this basis, to achieve a more convenient mobile phone...

Simple Firewall

roots strategy is a relatively early. As you can see from this source in the early days of the firewall's basic development processes, possibly to your independent firewall coding help....

remove background from a signal in MATLAB


Highly concurrent SOCKET in c # source code,


Computer-Aided Detection in Screening CT for Pulmonary Nodules

Computer-Aided Detection in Screening CT for Pulmonary Nodules sinusoidal AC circuit computer-aided analysis of the theory and implementation process. Analysis using nodal analysis method. Used to bring a two-path components of a definition of the concept of this approach in network analys...

Instant Chat (server and client)

space:nowrap;">可以在线IM交流、建立会议室(可以设置密码),会员(密码、头像等信息)和部门实现在线管理。 Server/Client分别为服务端和客户端,设置服务端可以实现在线管理,默认端口号10000。 数据库采用的是Access...



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