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Ant colony optimization algorithms ACO

2016-05-26 01:11:28
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The ant colony algorithm is an algorithm for finding optimal paths that is based on the behavior of ants searching for food.

At first, the ants wander randomly. When an ant finds a source of food, it walks back to the colony leaving "markers" (pheromones) that show the path has food. When other ants come across the markers, they are likely to follow the path with a certain probability. If they do, they then populate the path with their own markers as they bring the food back. As more ants find the path, it gets stronger until there are a couple streams of ants traveling to various food sources near the colony.

Because the ants drop pheromones every time they bring food, shorter paths are more likely to be stronger, hence optimizing the "solution." In the meantime, some ants are still randomly scouting for closer food sources. A similar approach can be used find near-optimal solution to the traveling salesman problem.

Once the food source is depleted, the route is no longer populated with pheromones and slowly decays.

Because the ant-colony works on a very dynamic system, the ant colony algorithm works very well in graphs with changing topologies. Examples of such systems include computer networks, and artificial intelligence simulations of workers.

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ACO.m2.61 kB10-11-13|13:34
ACO_binary.m2.65 kB10-11-13|13:34
ACO_Elitist.m2.55 kB10-11-13|13:34
ACO_rank.m2.56 kB10-11-13|13:34
calculated_distance.m691.00 B10-11-13|13:33
data.mat358.00 B12-07-13|17:16
data.xlsx10.74 kB12-07-13|15:39
fitness.m644.00 B10-11-13|13:34
MMAS.m2.60 kB10-11-13|13:34
RouletteWheel.m599.00 B10-11-13|13:34
ACO.m2.14 kB12-07-13|16:48
ACO_Elitist.m2.05 kB12-07-13|15:25
ACO_rank.m2.06 kB12-07-13|15:39
calculated_distance.m186.00 B12-07-13|14:54
data.xlsx13.90 kB12-07-13|16:42
fitness.m105.00 B12-07-13|16:38
MMAS.m2.11 kB12-07-13|15:58
RouletteWheel.m94.00 B12-07-13|14:59
~$data.xlsx165.00 B12-07-13|15:31
ACO.m2.77 kB10-11-13|14:33
ACO_Elitist.m2.54 kB10-11-13|14:33
ACO_rank.m2.54 kB10-11-13|14:33
ACS.m2.60 kB10-11-13|14:33
calculated_distance.m687.00 B10-11-13|14:34
data.xlsx10.74 kB12-07-13|15:39
fitness.m613.00 B10-11-13|14:34
MMAS.m2.59 kB10-11-13|14:33
RouletteWheel.m595.00 B10-11-13|14:33
~$data.xlsx165.00 B12-07-13|15:31
ACO-knapsack0.00 B10-04-15|14:01
ACO-SPP0.00 B10-04-15|14:01
ACO-TSP0.00 B10-04-15|14:01
ACO0.00 B10-04-15|14:03
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Ant colony optimization algorithms ACO (42.82 kB)

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