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Python digital signal processing module.

2016-05-17 08:26:08
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> 10.10), linux, Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)

Python versions : 2.6, 2.7


Download latest binaries, source release and documentation HERE!

How to get pyo running from sources on OS X and linux: INSTALL Instructions

pyo was awarded second prize in the Lomus 2012 Free Software Competition.

Radio Pyo

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Softwares using pyo as audio engine

Zyne : A modular soft synthesizer.

Soundgrain : A graphical interface where users can draw and edit trajectories to control granular sound synthesis.

Cecilia 5 : An audio signal processing environment.

PsychoPy : An open-source application to allow the presentation of stimuli and collection of data for a wide range of neuroscience, psychology and psychophysics experiments.


pyo is fully integrated to Python and very simple to use.

Play a sound:

>>> from pyo import *>>> s = Server().boot()>>> s.start()>>> sf = SfPlayer("path/to/your/sound.aif", speed=1, loop=True).out()

Granulate an audio buffer:

>>> s = Server().boot()>>> s.start()>>> snd = SndTable("path/to/your/sound.aif")>>> env = HannTable()>>> pos = Phasor(freq=snd.getRate()*.25, mul=snd.getSize())>>> dur = Noise(mul=.001, add=.1)>>> g = Granulator(snd, env, [1, 1.001], pos, dur, 24, mul=.1).out()

Generate melodies:

>>> s = Server().boot()>>> s.start()>>> wav = SquareTable()>>> env = CosTable([(0,0), (100,1), (500,.3), (8191,0)])>>> met = Metro(.125, 12).play()>>> amp = TrigEnv(met, table=env, mul=.1)>>> pit = TrigXnoiseMidi(met, dist='loopseg', x1=20, scale=1, mrange=(48,84))>>> out = Osc(table=wav, freq=pit, mul=amp).out()


This project is developed by Olivier Bélanger on his free time to provide a fully integrated Python dsp module for sound exploration and music composition. If you feel this project is useful to you and want to support it and it's future development please consider donating money. I only ask for a small donation, but of course I appreciate any amount.


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