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Electricity billing project

2015-08-25 19:54:15
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Application background

Power Billing System



The objective of this application is the development of Electronic Billing System. It is a web-based application which aids the clients and staff members of A.P.S.E.B for dealing with transactions over the internet

With the help of this application, the Customers will be able to file a complaint or manage new connections by just signing in into the system and easily perform the transactions whenever they are online.

Moreover, this product will also provide a stable solution for single tier issues.


Existing System:

The main issue in the present system is outdated database technology. In the existing system, the database was maintained using files and that too manually. This is a very slow and tedious process. It also leads to a lot of errors. Modification of data is a big pain.       There is high risk of losing data in such management system. So, one has to compromise with the quality, security and durability of data. 

Proposed System:

The proposed system offers a lot of advantages over existing system. It is built on client-server architecture and its implementation is done using java technology along with Apache Tomcat server. With this new system, it is very easy for customers to deal with transactions            

For starting the application, a user has to enter user name and password for authentication. This system won’t be allowed to access if unauthorized user tries to access it, thereby providing high security.


Number of Modules:

Login: - To make a secure system, each customer will have a valid login id and password. Through this login id and password, users will be redirected to their own page with the help of servlet where validation and verification process takes place.

Revenue Collection: - After signing in the application, the customer can perform the revenue collection easily and securely.  


Billing and Accounting: - Initially, this was done manually. Now with the help of this module, the accounting data will be quiet less erroneous and inconsistent.

Reports: - This application allows the customer to generate reports which can easily represent the data in a user-friendly format.

Journal details: - The customer can access the journal details comfortably using this application. Even details containing bulk data are available in much lesser time.



Key Technology

Software Requirements

1.      Apache Tomcat Web Server.

2.      Browser.

3.      Oracle

Technology Used

1.      Java

2.      J2EE

Hardware Requirements

1.      Hard Disk – 2 GB.

2.      RAM – 1 GB.

3.      Processor – Dual Core or Above.

4.      Mouse.

5.      Keyboard.

6.      Monitor.

7.      Printer.

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Power581.13 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power0.00 B2010-09-26|14:42
Power1.82 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power118.06 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power32.99 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power2.00 B2007-08-03|22:17
Power13.50 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power20.00 B2007-08-03|22:17
Power844.00 B2007-12-01|11:17
Power3.19 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power0.00 B2014-08-28|11:47
Power5.15 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power2.89 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power2.89 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power2.52 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power9.85 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.16 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power2.97 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power6.17 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power6.09 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power2.54 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power6.47 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power615.00 B2007-08-03|22:17
Power4.22 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power22.47 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power4.78 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power19.73 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power20.78 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power7.25 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.71 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power4.00 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.11 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power4.27 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power11.31 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power2.94 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power12.45 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.33 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.37 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.34 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.34 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.33 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.34 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.34 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.34 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.34 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.35 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.35 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.35 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.34 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power6.23 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power3.38 kB2007-08-03|22:17
Power1.46 kB2007-08-03|22:17
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Electricity billing project (796.59 kB)

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