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Realize the lossless compression LZW algorithm

2014-12-06 05:06:54
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Lossless compression LZW algorithm implementation file contains the decompressor can run
Basic principle of the LZW compression algorithm: extracting raw text files of different characters in the data, compiled based on these characters to create a table, and then use the compiled table index of the character to replace the corresponding characters in the original text file data, raw data size reduction. Principle of the look and palette images, but it should be noted is that compiled tables are not created beforehand with us, but is dynamically created from the raw file data, Decodes encoded data when restoring the original compiled form.
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LzwCompression.cpp7.66 kB26-10-10|17:21
教程说明见这里.txt66.00 B27-01-12|13:04
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Realize the lossless compression LZW algorithm (2.36 kB)

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