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C6455 hardware interface implementation

2014-11-28 11:18:36
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A detailed description of the C6455 hardware interface configuration project, based on the CCS3.3 development, the realization of engineering function will read EMIF data written into the DDR2, and then from the serial port read write serial port. EMIF read and write functions left interface, serial read and write also left interface, engineering dear measured at the board, data acquisition channel have been debugging.
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Name Size Date
01.97 kB
bootload.asm1.66 kB2013-08-01|14:49
01.97 kB
bootload.asm1.66 kB2013-07-30|20:05
c6455.cmd2.80 kB2013-07-31|23:03
cc_build_Debug.log2.19 kB2013-08-20|19:32
cc_build_Release.log1.30 kB2013-07-11|16:49
Debug.lkf629.00 B2013-08-20|19:32
01.97 kB
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.paf2259.00 B2013-03-26|16:25
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.sbl1.57 kB2013-03-26|16:25
FILE.CDX3.00 kB2013-08-20|19:32
FILE.DBF1.31 kB2013-08-20|19:32
FILE.FPT2.40 kB2013-08-20|19:32
SYMBOL.CDX308.50 kB2013-08-20|19:32
SYMBOL.DBF267.22 kB2013-08-20|19:32
SYMBOL.FPT521.25 kB2013-08-20|19:32
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.paf26.58 kB2013-08-20|19:34
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.pjt1.27 kB2013-08-01|16:04
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.sbl14.18 kB2013-08-20|19:34
Release.lkf639.00 B2013-07-11|16:48
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.c14.96 kB2013-07-08|20:30
01.97 kB
csl.h608.00 B2005-08-26|11:43
cslr.h2.18 kB2005-09-19|17:08
cslr_dev.h17.67 kB2013-03-19|11:26
cslr_gpio.h27.91 kB2006-03-27|15:44
cslr_pllc.h11.09 kB2006-02-06|15:51
cslr_vcp2.h16.06 kB2006-02-06|15:51
csl_error.h3.37 kB2005-08-26|11:43
csl_gpio.h24.16 kB2006-03-16|11:52
csl_pllc.h28.94 kB2006-02-06|09:18
csl_types.h1.32 kB2005-11-15|08:36
soc.h25.24 kB2006-02-06|15:51
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
bootload.asm1.77 kB2013-07-31|23:03
01.97 kB
bootload.lst3.19 kB2013-08-20|19:32
bootload.obj1.31 kB2013-08-20|19:32
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.asm280.87 kB2013-08-20|19:32
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.lst492.23 kB2013-08-20|19:32
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.map22.28 kB2013-08-20|19:32
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.obj41.88 kB2013-08-20|19:32
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.out247.79 kB2013-08-20|19:32
InitPLL1.asm44.66 kB2013-08-20|19:32
InitPLL1.lst82.79 kB2013-08-20|19:32
InitPLL1.obj5.67 kB2013-08-20|19:32
DM642_Appboot.out161.71 kB2008-01-24|15:35
01.97 kB
bootload.lst3.19 kB2013-07-11|16:48
bootload.obj1.24 kB2013-07-11|16:48
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.asm143.84 kB2013-07-11|16:48
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.lst267.37 kB2013-07-11|16:48
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.map17.88 kB2013-07-11|16:49
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.obj24.56 kB2013-07-11|16:48
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.out174.70 kB2013-07-11|16:49
InitPLL1.asm49.03 kB2013-07-11|16:48
InitPLL1.lst85.12 kB2013-07-11|16:48
InitPLL1.obj4.63 kB2013-07-11|16:48
readme.txt1.35 kB2005-10-28|07:56
01.97 kB
bootload.asm1.66 kB2009-03-23|09:16
bootload.c925.00 B2013-08-01|10:11
c6455.cmd2.79 kB2008-10-08|21:16
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.c20.78 kB2013-08-20|19:32
Emifa_ReadWrite_example.c.bk20.11 kB2013-08-15|19:28
InitPLL1.c2.40 kB2013-07-16|16:50
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C6455 hardware interface implementation (616.76 kB)

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