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Intranet mailing system

2014-10-28 01:44:46
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Intranet Mailing SystemAbstractThis system facilitates mailing among users of an Intranet. Now-a-days organizations are growing fast and are increasing in size also. So these organizations are divided into departments. In the fast growing world the information is needed as fast as possible. This can be accomplished by passing the information quickly. Quick passing of mails is not possible in manual systems. This is because the information is passed through persons of one department to another department. This leads to the inconsistency and delay in deliveringinformation. So we need a system which is both quick and accurate. This can be achieved by developing a web-based Intranet Mailing System.EXISTING SYSTEMPresent System is manually providing services to employees of departments of an Organization. Employees have to go departments to know some particular information. Sometimes information is passed by manually between departments. This manual system will take time to pass the information and sometimes it causes loss of information also. There by causing loss of employee time also. Thus the present system stated is time taking, insecure and costly.PROPOSED SYSTEMAs organization grows in size in terms of departments and functionality, it requires a quick and efficient system to achieve instant communication b/w employees of same department or b/w departments. The proposed system “Intranet Mailing System” serves organization’s needs in a consistent and transparent manner. It should cater the needs of information sharing. It allows the users to exchange their views threw mails and send electronic files threw attachments. It should have all traditional things such as sent items, inbox, drafts etc. The users are allows to send mails to multiple users using to, cc and bcc too. Thus the system caters spontaneous needs of the organization. SCOPE OF THE SYSTEMThe proposed system scope is limited to Intranet only. It can be enhanced to be a global communication medium for multinational companies. We can also implement internationalization (i18n) to support user interface in various/local languages. MODULE DESCRIPTIONThe system “Intranet Mailing System” consists of 4 modules.1. User Profile Management2. Mailing3. Contacts4. Attachments
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addBook.html707.00 B25-02-03|12:39
addedit.html578.00 B06-06-00|04:02
addfolder.html356.00 B25-02-03|13:40
addnew.html659.00 B25-02-03|13:40
changefolder.java1.35 kB25-02-03|13:40
changename.java1.45 kB25-02-03|13:40
changepwd.html1.19 kB25-02-03|13:40
compose.html959.00 B25-02-03|13:40
deleteadd.java1.75 kB25-02-03|13:40
deletefol.java1.94 kB25-02-03|13:40
deletefolder.java2.73 kB25-02-03|13:40
deletemail.java2.50 kB25-02-03|13:40
editaddr.java1.34 kB25-02-03|13:40
editfolder.java1.16 kB25-02-03|13:40
getaddbook.java1.76 kB25-02-03|13:40
getfolder.java1.77 kB25-02-03|13:40
getmails.java1.82 kB25-02-03|13:40
getmessage.java2.34 kB25-02-03|13:40
getmsg.java2.21 kB25-02-03|13:40
Hello.mdb1.03 MB16-04-03|17:38
Hello.zip18.76 kB06-05-03|13:28
home.html1.07 kB25-02-03|13:40
inbox.html225.00 B25-02-03|13:40
inbox1.html225.00 B25-02-03|13:40
inboxserver.java2.31 kB25-02-03|13:40
index.html1.88 kB28-01-99|14:27
left.html497.00 B25-02-03|13:40
mailinbox.htm493.00 B15-06-96|02:21
readme.txt268.00 B25-02-03|13:48
selectfolder.java3.04 kB25-02-03|13:40
sendmsg.java1.43 kB25-02-03|13:40
sentmessage.java1.75 kB25-02-03|13:40
sessions.java648.00 B28-01-03|18:22
setaddress.java1.26 kB25-02-03|13:40
setfolder.java1.34 kB25-02-03|13:40
setnewpwd.java1.48 kB25-02-03|13:40
user1.java1.45 kB25-02-03|13:40
userlogin.java2.14 kB25-02-03|13:40
usersignup.html1.39 kB25-02-03|13:40
Intranet0.00 Bcode|0
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