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2013-11-24 00:55:34
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Lot of things ~ ~

But not too applies to beginners, this is an online examination system, there are a lot of issues can be added, short answer question, multiple choice, multiple choice, and so on.

Can appear immediately after the exam scores.

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Name Size Date
checkadmin.php1.96 kB26-07-11|12:07
checkadmin_ok.php509.00 B26-07-11|12:07
index.php3.02 kB26-07-11|12:07
ksxx_gl.php2.83 kB26-07-11|12:07
ksxx_gl_ok.php507.00 B26-07-11|12:07
ktlb_gl.php1.66 kB26-07-11|12:07
ktlb_gl_ok.php826.00 B26-07-11|12:07
ktxx_gl.php3.03 kB26-07-11|12:07
ktxx_gl_ok.php796.00 B26-07-11|12:07
ktxx_tj.php2.91 kB26-07-11|12:07
ktxx_tj_ok.php617.00 B26-07-11|12:07
cjcx.php2.22 kB26-07-11|12:06
conn.php139.00 B26-07-11|12:07
denglu.php1.34 kB26-07-11|12:06
denglu_ok.php417.00 B26-07-11|12:06
Thumbs.db43.50 kB26-07-11|12:06
bg_1.jpg44.32 kB26-07-11|12:06
bg_2.jpg91.14 kB26-07-11|12:06
bg_33.jpg22.09 kB26-07-11|12:06
bg_34.jpg3.52 kB26-07-11|12:06
bg_35.jpg3.50 kB26-07-11|12:06
bg_4.jpg3.85 kB26-07-11|12:07
bg_7.jpg5.19 kB26-07-11|12:07
bg_8.jpg5.30 kB26-07-11|12:07
bg_dl.gif37.32 kB26-07-11|12:07
index_line.gif6.63 kB26-07-11|12:07
index_top.gif58.46 kB26-07-11|12:07
index.php2.53 kB26-07-11|12:06
jrkc.php1.74 kB26-07-11|12:06
jrkc_ok.php2.06 kB26-07-11|12:06
xmlHttpRequest.js394.00 B26-07-11|12:06
zhuce_js.js2.73 kB26-07-11|12:06
ksgz.php1.46 kB26-07-11|12:06
ksks.php11.46 kB26-07-11|12:06
showTime.php209.00 B26-07-11|12:06
sparetime.php258.00 B26-07-11|12:06
tc_dl.php162.00 B26-07-11|12:06
xgmm.php2.98 kB26-07-11|12:06
xgmm_ok.php795.00 B26-07-11|12:06
zhuce.php1.31 kB26-07-11|12:06
zhuce_ok.php824.00 B26-07-11|12:06
admin0.00 B26-07-11|12:06
conn0.00 B26-07-11|12:06
data0.00 B26-07-11|12:06
images0.00 B26-07-11|12:06
js0.00 B26-07-11|12:06
online_ks0.00 B26-07-11|12:06
readme.doc1,002.50 kB26-07-11|12:06
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