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2010-11-18 14:51:03
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J1939 protocol can be used for electronic control of engine control communications, is a good way of helping information
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aeb01540.pdf312.24 kB20-06-01|16:04
aeb01542.pdf600.86 kB17-01-04|17:34
aeb01543.pdf239.97 kB20-06-01|16:04
aeb01544.pdf3.75 MB31-05-02|11:45
DAE0.00 BFeatures.ppt|5261824
1587_dft.pdf939.03 kB25-04-02|14:03
J1939-15.pdf88.48 kB16-04-02|18:19
J1939-21_0104.doc785.50 kB25-04-02|11:35
J1939-71.pdf2.31 MB16-04-02|18:01
j1939-81-072501.doc1.41 MB25-04-02|14:04
J1939-Appendix.pdf2.43 MB16-04-02|10:47
J1939-Appendix.zip398.17 kB16-04-02|19:04
j1939_21_199807.pdf685.06 kB03-02-04|09:30
J1939_75_20010517_Draft_0_2.doc230.00 kB25-04-02|13:56
J1979-73-1.pdf862.44 kB16-04-02|18:31
J1979-73-2.pdf855.56 kB16-04-02|18:33
multiplexing_interface_standard.pdf231.68 kB19-09-03|19:34
OEM0.00 B24%|17-01-04
Rotation0.00 B92572|98%
Thumbs.db7.50 kB30-05-05|10:01
J19390.00 B30-05-05|10:01
J1939Training_rev2.ppt570.50 kB07-11-02|16:45
MDDM0.00 B75%|08-07-02
MDDM.pdf62.70 kB08-07-02|18:17
SUPPLIERS.xls37.50 kB22-12-03|10:41
SUPPLIERS_electronics.xls26.00 kB21-11-03|11:00
cummins电控发动机与j1939通讯资料0.00 B|0
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可用J1939协议实现对电控发动机的控制通讯,是一个很好的帮助资料... (13.94 MB)

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