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2010-08-27 14:39:26
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nuclear fuzzy clustering and articles for data and image segmentation fuzzy clustering, the results were OK
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Name Size Date
data.mat882.32 kB05-12-05|20:59
datapoint.m76.00 B26-09-05|20:43
datapoint.mat2.31 kB26-09-05|20:44
distance.m142.00 B30-11-05|21:17
EstimateEta.m240.00 B26-09-05|16:38
fcm_test.m690.00 B14-10-06|09:50
InitClusterCenter.m216.00 B14-10-06|09:51
initU.m65.00 B14-10-06|09:50
kernal.m505.00 B01-12-05|11:08
kes.mat2.10 kB26-09-05|20:34
kes.txt2.92 kB26-09-05|19:58
kfcm.m544.00 B05-12-05|15:30
kfcm_old.m955.00 B05-12-05|15:28
kfcm_U.mat237.00 B27-12-05|17:19
KFKM.m743.00 B01-12-05|11:14
kpcm.m509.00 B26-09-05|16:53
psedonamino.m868.00 B05-12-05|15:20
subcluster.m334.00 B27-09-05|09:56
subcluster1.m425.00 B27-09-05|09:54
Untitled4.m29.00 B05-12-05|16:03
updateU.m462.00 B01-12-05|14:19
UpdateU_Eq12.m172.00 B28-09-05|09:50
updateU_Eq5.m320.00 B30-11-05|21:42
UpdateV.m325.00 B30-11-05|21:07
UpdateVi_Eq6.m388.00 B05-12-05|14:24
writefile.m245.00 B05-12-05|16:00
一种改进的模糊核聚类算法.caj269.43 kB08-06-06|20:47
核聚类算法.caj108.18 kB08-06-06|20:49
核聚类算法及其在模式识别中的应用.caj93.25 kB08-06-06|20:55
模糊核聚类的自适应算法.caj64.47 kB08-06-06|20:45
离群模糊核聚类算法.kdh288.45 kB08-06-06|20:55
fuzzykernal0.00 B09-07-06|15:23
模糊核聚类0.00 B28-09-06|17:29
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模糊核聚类及几篇文章,用于数据和图像的模糊聚类分割,效果还行... (1.32 MB)

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