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linux programming simple example, covering file I/O, multi

2010-08-21 11:10:28
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linux programming simple example, covering file I/O, multi-threaded, multi-process, socket, such as Introduction to Classical
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Name Size Date
attr_thread.c859.00 B22-08-06|09:32
exp1.c1.87 kB22-08-06|09:35
mutex.c1.61 kB22-08-06|09:33
sem_num.c1.16 kB22-08-06|09:33
sem_syn.c1.19 kB22-08-06|09:34
thread.c672.00 B22-08-06|09:29
90.00 B28-04-07|20:15
alarm.c191.00 B22-08-06|09:17
exp1.c1.35 kB22-08-06|09:24
exp2.c1.01 kB22-08-06|09:26
fifo_read.c756.00 B22-08-06|09:15
fifo_write.c653.00 B22-08-06|09:15
kill.c448.00 B22-08-06|09:17
msg.c971.00 B22-08-06|09:22
mysignal.c365.00 B22-08-06|09:18
pipe.c284.00 B22-08-06|09:08
pipe_rw.c829.00 B22-08-06|09:11
popen.c346.00 B22-08-06|09:12
share_memory.c626.00 B22-08-06|09:21
sigaction.c962.00 B22-08-06|09:19
80.00 B28-04-07|20:15
execl.c175.00 B22-08-06|08:54
execle.c274.00 B22-08-06|08:54
execlp.c172.00 B22-08-06|08:53
execve.c295.00 B22-08-06|08:59
exit.c146.00 B22-08-06|09:00
exp1.c897.00 B22-08-06|09:07
exp2.c877.00 B22-08-06|09:07
fork.c416.00 B22-08-06|08:53
process.c207.00 B22-08-06|08:52
waitpid.c523.00 B22-08-06|09:03
_exit.c167.00 B22-08-06|09:00
dameon.c618.00 B29-05-07|15:26
syslog_dameon.c853.00 B29-05-07|19:55
70.00 B28-04-07|20:15
exp1.c1.83 kB22-08-06|08:51
exp2_read.c718.00 B22-08-06|08:51
exp2_write.c557.00 B22-08-06|08:51
fcntl_write.c1.09 kB22-08-06|08:51
select.c1.16 kB22-08-06|08:51
seri.c2.98 kB22-08-06|08:51
serial.c2.64 kB22-08-06|08:51
serial.h104.00 B22-08-06|08:51
write.c864.00 B22-08-06|08:51
60.00 B28-04-07|20:15
client.c1,014.00 B22-08-06|09:38
exp1.c4.10 kB22-08-06|09:51
fcntl.c1.67 kB22-08-06|09:48
getaddrinfo.c520.00 B22-08-06|09:37
select.c1.68 kB22-08-06|09:48
server.c1.22 kB22-08-06|09:37
100.00 B28-04-07|20:15
LinuxApp-Code0.00 B28-04-07|20:15
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linux programming simple example, covering file I/O, multi (22.42 kB)

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